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About Us

About us


Established amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Allison McLaughlin PR and Marketing embodies resilience, adaptability, and a passion for innovation in the realm of digital marketing and social media strategy. Founded by Allie McLaughlin, a former territory sales manager in the bustling NY Tri-State area, the agency was born from a desire to escape the grind of daily commutes and embrace the freedom and flexibility of remote work. 


Allie's journey began with a revelation during her work-from-home experience; she found solace and fulfillment in the digital landscape, steering away from the miles of driving she once endured. With a knack for public relations and a keen eye for branding opportunities, Allie seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of marketing. 

At Allison McLaughlin PR and Marketing, we thrive on helping experts, thought leaders and businesses carve their identities, elevate their brands, and connect authentically with their target audiences in the ever-evolving digital sphere. 

With a blend of creativity, strategic insight, and a commitment to client success, Allison McLaughlin PR and Marketing stands as a trusted partner for companies seeking to make their mark in the digital landscape. Let us be your guiding force as we navigate the exciting terrain of modern marketing together.

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